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Doctors told how to reduce pressure in a stressful situation

Медики рассказали, как уменьшить давление в стрессовой ситуацииThe experiment involved 102 people.

American scientists from the University of Arizona found that the presence of a romantic partner can greatly facilitate physiological reaction to stress (increased blood pressure).

In their experiment involved 102 people, 75% of whom were women.

Each participant was in a heterosexual relationship with his romantic partner on average a year and a half, writes the journal psychophysiology is. The participants provided information about themselves and talked about whether they are satisfied with the relationship.

Before starting the experiment, the scientists measured the blood pressure of participants – one of the indicators of physiological responses in a stressful situation. After that, participants were asked four minutes to put the legs in cold water (whose temperature is about 4°C).

Depending on the group together with a participant in the experiment was attended by their romantic partner, or they had to think about it. Participants from the control group were asked to think about the next few days and plans for them.

Scientists have found that the presence of a romantic partner and even thinking about it lead to a smaller increase in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the stress compared to the control group. However, this dependence was observed in participants who were satisfied with the relationship. And those who were not satisfied in the relationship, had higher levels during a stressful situation.

The conclusion of the researchers: the presence of a romantic partner or opinion of him may be a psychological protection that improves mental well-being during stressful situations.

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