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Doctors told how to recognize the approach of heart disease

Врачи рассказали, как распознать приближение болезней сердца These symptoms should pay attention.

Many people tend to ignore the signals of your body that can talk about serious issues.

Heart disease and blood vessels are on the first place among causes of death worldwide. There are many examples of people suddenly dying of heart disease, although it actually evolved for a long time and the outcome might not be so sad if I had started treatment.

Symptoms of heart disease can be varied, but there are some points that must be the reason for the visit to the doctor. A cardiologist should sign up right now if you are experiencing shortness of breath after minor physical activity or at rest.

Frequent swelling, especially of feet and hands, can speak about problems with the heart. In normal swelling can also be present, for example, if on the eve of you drank a lot of fluids or ate a lot of salty foods. But the swelling that occurs without a cause, is a serious symptom and to postpone the visit to the doctor is not necessary.

The same applies to the numbness of extremities, occurring without cause. Alert should any suspicious sensations, for example tingling in the fingers may indicate the disruption of blood flow.

If you notice irregular heart rhythm, for example, feel your heart suddenly beating faster or slower, need to see a doctor – it can manifest arrhythmia. Chest pain that will not go away when you change the position of the body, can be a symptom of heart disease.

With heart disease pain often occur in the left shoulder and arm, waist and even can “give” in the leg.

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