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Doctors told how to recognize liver disease

Медики подсказали, как распознать заболевания печениSeveral unusual characteristics.

In medical practice, often there are signs of a disease that are not typical in nature for the disease, which develops in the human body.

The liver is one of the most important organs that are regularly exposed to the negative effects of a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Alcohol, fatty foods, bad ecology, stress – all this is bad for the liver, after which it begins to develop irreversible processes.

About liver health doctors recommend to take care from an early age, because with age the liver along with other internal organs are aging and can no longer cope with the pressure, which on her lay.

To recognize one of the diseases of the liver can be these symptoms:

1. Oily skin on the forehead or acne. This symptom may indicate a malfunction of the liver and its inability to regenerate cells. If you’ve had a normal clear skin and suddenly you begin to notice that the forehead skin is constantly covered by sweat or sebaceous glands, it does not hurt to undergo ULTRASOUND examination of the liver, in order to find out if she was okay.

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2. Vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. The appearance of wrinkles in this area can be attributed to the facial expressions, but when they suddenly appeared and immediately began deep, we can talk about congestion of the liver toxic substances. Tighten the solution to this problem is impossible, as soon can develop one of the diseases of the liver.

3. Premature baldness or sudden appearance of gray hair. Many will be surprised by the fact that the metabolic disorders and also malfunction of the liver and gallbladder, can cause baldness and earlier gray hair in men and women. Of course, play a great role in this process, genetics and lifestyle, but the liver may affect hair color and their number.

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4. Constipation and violations of a chair. People should 1-2 times a day to visit the toilet and not feel discomfort. Liquid, hard, light or dark, foul-smelling stools and signals the digestive problems and liver. To ignore this symptom is not recommended, it is better to pass the examination and to understand the reason for the change in stool or frequent constipation.

5. Bleeding gums. The majority of people who are bleeding gums, begin to treat periodontal disease or consult with dentists about how to eliminate the bleeding and inflammation of gums. But no one even thinks that the culprit may be a violation of the liver or congestion. To make a return and to exclude liver disease, the person should be examined.

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