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Doctors told how to quickly gain muscle mass

Медики подсказали, как быстро набрать мышечную массуThe experts have prepared a list of useful and rich in protein products.

In order to achieve the full result on the way to a beautiful embossed body, just training is not enough.

In selecting your diet you should pay attention to the foods that contribute to the formation of a muscular corset.

The experts have prepared a list of useful and rich in protein foods which your body can easily acquire sporty lines.

If previously you didn’t pay attention to pulses, and now you have made the decision to introduce them in your diet, start with lentils. In addition to the large concentration of protein in this plant a huge number of useful properties. When physical activity lentils have to be on the menu, her muscle definition is more achievable.

Fatty fish
Animal protein from fish is not as allergenic as birds. Fatty is especially useful for a balanced diet. A great number of methods of fish per week 2-3 times. On other days, injecting other protein products.

Quinoa is still a little known plant to many. If you haven’t tried to cook porridge with quinoa, be sure to fill this gap. In the rump a lot of protein and it is easily accepted by the body. For a person who goes in for sports – this product is simply irreplaceable.

White buckwheat
Unlike white buckwheat brown that in fact, a dark rump roasted, steamed product and light crude. On this basis it is possible to do post-workout protein shakes that are much healthier than dairy.

Red rice
One of the varieties of rice that will not add excess fat on the body, but rather helps to create quality muscle mass. In addition, the unpolished product has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and helps to cleanse the body.

Food basket of the foods rich in proteins is very diverse. You can feel free to combine different types of legumes with other plants, while adding different vegetables, primarily leafy, like spinach.

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