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Doctors told how to prevent the formation of blood clots

Врачи рассказали, как избежать образования тромбовTop five rules.

Modern man is more himself, nothing and no one threatens on our wonderful planet.

The biggest enemy of human health is in the man himself. With our excesses and indiscretions in eating, pathological laziness, which strongly inhibits exercise and is the guardian of passive way of life, with our harmful addictions in the form of soft and pretty alcoholic beverages, Smoking and other sins – man shitting himself so that no alien invasion, natural disasters and technological disasters put together couldn’t compete with him.

Now quite the young men are already beginning to suffer from heart attacks and strokes, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis and many other similar diseases. According to who, all these diseases significantly younger every year.

The reason for all of them is too thick blood, which is due difficult the movement of vessels leads to oxygen starvation of the organism. The biggest danger this phenomenon threatens the state of the brain.

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It would seem that the situation is deadlocked. But it’s not – it’s easy enough to fix with a strong desire and willpower, consistency and commitment in relation to himself. So, what can be done to exclude the thickening of the blood, blood clots and the availability of the list of the most unpleasant and dangerous diseases?

First, to prevent shortage of water in the body. If the water in the body is not enough, no diet and medicinal drugs for blood will not help to cope with the situation. Remember: an adult need every day to drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day if the doctor has not appointed another mode.

Secondly, you need to constantly in your diet to have foods that thin the blood: olive and Flaxseed oil; sunflower seeds; beets; marine fish; tomatoes; oatmeal; raspberries; blueberries and cranberries; citrus fruits, especially lemons; ginger root; garlic and onions.

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These products bring the most benefit, they need to include in your diet — ideally, if at a time day by day there are several foods from this list.

Thirdly, it is also worth eliminating from the diet foods that are not recommended for thick blood. It: white bread of pure refined flour; all salty foods; fatty milk products: butter, cream; bananas — subject to the abuse of the product; lentil, subject to the abuse of the product; Eglantine, Hypericum, milfoil, provided the uncontrolled ingestion of decoctions and infusions.

Fourth, we need to eliminate the use of medications that lead to blood viscosity: diuretic and hormonal drugs.

And fifth, you need to completely overcome their bad habits and addictions – no alcohol and tobacco! But should be quite feasible physical activity, preferably outdoors.

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