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Doctors told how to normalize blood pressure without pills

Медики подсказали, как нормализовать давление без таблетокConsidered normal pressure, performance is not higher than 140/90.

Pressure is literally the pressure that creates our heart, pushing the blood to the remotest parts of the body. It is systolic (in common) top — in a moment of shock, caused by the contraction of the heart, and diastolic (the so-called lower) — at a time when the heart is calm and relaxed.

High blood pressure is the arterial hypertension or hypertensive heart disease, completely asymptomatic. Nevertheless, slowly and inexorably kills you, hitting the heart, kidneys, eyes, until, until disaster strikes — a heart attack or stroke.

What to do if you have hypertension? Follow the recommendations of your doctor and take medication. However, even ordinary food can have medicinal effect, and this must not be neglected, say nutritionists. Here are three products that are proven to reduce blood pressure.

1. Beets

There is a serious scientific study that proves that eating raw beets and beet juice in the diet reduces blood pressure.

The fact that this vegetable contains nitric oxide, which causes vasodilation. Due to this reduced blood pressure.

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By the way, the same effect of nitric oxide is based the mechanism of action on male potency viagra.

How much to consume per day: 100 g

2. Coffee

What from a Cup of coffee the pressure increases, is a common myth. That proved the study, which analyzed data on 600 thousand people.

The fact that caffeine has a strong diuretic effect which is triggered after 15 — 20 minutes after you drank the drink. After going to the toilet the amount of fluid in the body decreases, reduced circulating blood volume — and hence pressure decreases.

If you go into the details, antidiureticeski caffeine blocks a hormone that usually inhibits the excretion of water from the body. When these brakes are turned off, it turns out direct link: drank a Cup of coffee went to the bathroom, another Cup — even went… Less fluid in the body — less, and in the circulating blood, so its volume decreases. The blood pressure numbers drop.

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Because of diuretic effect and can’t drink coffee uncontrollably a lot — very easy to get dehydrated.

How much to consume per day: 4 cups.

3. Dill, parsley, celery

Note: the effect of pressure reduction will be higher if these herbs are in dried form — because in this form the concentration of mineral substances in them is maximal. How does it work? All arterial vessels have a muscular layer, due to which they can compress and decompress. And in adverse conditions and spazmiruyutsya. The normal operation of muscles, including those that direct the vessels is impossible without potassium. And 100 grams of dried herbs contains the daily dose of this trace element. So thanks to herbs muscles will work smoothly.

Besides, if potassium in the body enough, it starts to excrete sodium. Thanks goes out excess water. And this, as in the case of coffee, means that blood volume decreases and the pressure also goes down.

How much to consume per day: 10 g (2 teaspoons).

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