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Doctors told how to make life easier for people with allergies-cat owners

Медики рассказали, как облегчить жизнь аллергикам-владельцам кошекYou need to adhere to certain rules.

Good news for cat lovers who have to deny yourself in pleasure to keep these Pets because of allergies. Experts say that you have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life with your favorite murki. Only need to adhere to certain rules.

Love some people a pet is stronger than the disease. According to the American Academy of Allergy, asthma and immunology (AAAAI), about 10 million (!) people consciously make a choice in favor of pet, despite the allergic to it. “A lot of people, really loves cats, ready to suffer or constant medication in order to keep their Pets at home,” – said the head of the Department of pediatric Allergy and immunology at Children’s medical center, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Dr. Robert wood.

Allergic to cats in one way or another have 20% of the population. It’s caused by a protein present in the animal saliva and dandruff. Due to the fact that cats love to lick themselves, this “problem protein” is deposited on their fur. Worse, the super-lightweight allergen flies through the air, stick to walls, furniture, clothing and other surfaces.

Allergic to cats all is manifested in different ways. Among the most common symptoms are runny nose and red eyes followed by itching. In asthmatics possible more severe reactions, including breathing problems. They doctors still strongly recommend not to have cats when allergies.

And still allergic cat lovers can stay healthy, if they follow the recommendations of veterinarians and physicians. First of all, the cat needs weekly wash in a bath with a mild shampoo regularly or wipe with a wet towel. Add a tiny dose acepromazine in the diet of cats, some veterinarians believe that it allows to reduce or completely remove the protein that causes allergic.

Use nasal sprays, eye drops or pills. Don’t let cats in the bedroom, place anti-Allergy coating on sofas, chairs and pillows, wash your hands after contact with a cat and often the vacuum of space. Allergists also recommend the use of portable air cleaners are based on HEPA filters.

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