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Doctors told how to lose weight without sitting on a diet

Врачи рассказали, как похудеть, не садясь на диетуThe dietician gave useful advice.

To lose weight, do not have to diet and to limit myself in everything; just enough to observe some rules when eating.

This is known nutritionist Oksana Kovalenko. Relevant tips she posted on his page in Instagram.

According to her wishing to lose weight will help the body’s ability to spend more calories to digest food than it gets from food.

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In addition, it’s necessary to eat as simply as possible and integrity.

In order to benefit to the organism was maximum, the products, namely carbohydrates, should be subjected to minimal processing, or even to do without it.

Also, do not cut everything into small pieces. The more you own bite and all the finely chewed, the more the body will expend energy.

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