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Doctors told how to keep healthy in the offseason

Медики подсказали, как сохранить здоровье в межсезоньеHow to protect from colds

In the autumn-winter period the risk of Contracting respiratory diseases increased especially significantly.

Doctors gave recommendations on how to keep healthy in the offseason. Known physician Albina Strelchenko said that to protect the body in the cold seasons, infections, it is important to stick to a full multivitamin power.

Specialist believes it is useful to undergo an examination that would have shown some trace minerals lacking in the body, and to adjust the diet in accordance with these data.

Also, according to the specialist, it is very important rest and sleep, fresh air. You must learn not to succumb to the stress, not to care too deeply. Stress depletes the body’s resources – in this case it is easier to catch a cold, and leaking the disease will be heavier.

Another expert, doctor Victoria Savitskaya, recommended in the season of colds and flu be sure to ventilate the room. According to her, the fresh air can kill almost all the major viruses within 30 minutes. In addition, it is useful to humidify air because of heating it in the apartments and offices are always dry, which negatively affects the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, inhibits the operation of the villus epithelium.

“No harm will more often to water houseplants, which will also give the air the moisture. Another option is to place fresh flowers in vases or water containers,” he advised.Go to the Main page to Add a comment

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