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Doctors told how to improve vision without a visit to the ophthalmologist

Медики рассказали, как улучшить  зрение без визита к офтальмологуThis can be done without medical assistance and without financial cost.

In the age of global computerization, a considerable part of the population suffer from visual impairment, and often this myopia, known as nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

Faced with this problem people are forced to wear glasses or lenses, but the first is not always convenient (for example, glasses misted in the cold, and their use in the basin is problematic or even impossible), and the second option is not for everyone, as it can cause eye irritation. Yes, it is now possible to restore sight surgically, but who decided on this step is still relatively small. And the question remains – how to restore vision and is it even possible?

It turns out that to restore sight – the task is doable. And it can be done without medical assistance and without financial cost, but the willpower and patience needed.

Why you have blurry vision? In the eyeball is the so-called ciliary muscle which is responsible for image clarity. In normal condition this muscle is not strained, the lens is flat, and the focus of the lens projected onto the retina of the eye. But if the ciliary muscle is not relaxed, the lens becomes a convex shape, and the image is already inside the eye, not the retina, so distant objects are seen blurred. This condition was named as myopia (nearsightedness). If the ciliary muscle relaxed (this often comes with age), due to the lack of its strength when looking at close objects the image built beyond the focus of the optical system in the neck, and the outlines of the close objects blur. This condition is called hyperopia.

With the ciliary muscles to work, so the process of vision improvement is real. The goal is to bring the muscle in its natural state, relaxed. With this task will manage the special exercises. They are simple, but the key point is the regularity.

Exercises for myopia

To relieve the tension from the ciliary muscle, you need to do the eyes movement in straight lines.

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1. Eyes swipe a straight line up and down: look up and move the view in a straight line down and back.
2. Similarly draw a line from left to right and back.
3. The slant of the line. The exercise is performed by analogy with the first two – look in the upper right corner, in a straight line move the view to the lower left corner and back. Then repeat the exercise in the other direction – from the upper left to the lower right.
4. Combine exercises 1 and 2 – draw eyes square. Move the view from left to right, down, left, up. Do exercise in the other direction.
5. Miksam the second and third exercises – do look eight, normal and inverted (like an infinity sign), but in straight lines. That is: look in the upper right corner, glancing in a straight line in the lower left corner, then lower right and upper left. This is the usual eight. Inverted: the lower left corner, upper left, lower right, upper right. Repeat both exercises in the opposite direction.
6. Draw eyes zigzags.
Exercises farsightedness
To the ciliary muscle to strengthen, we need a smooth movement.
1. Draw eyes circles right and left.
2. Certifite glance spiral spiral – horizontal and vertical.
3. Draw a spiral from the inside – from the point keep the eyes in a circle, making it more and more (this is the so-called Archimedean spiral).

Each of the above exercises several times (for feeling), and the entire complex at least two to three times a day (often).

To relax the optic nerve and to improve the color sensitivity of the retina will help exercise is palming.

How to perform: Sit up straight, RUB your palms together to heat, fold them so that the fingers overlap each other, and the angle between the hands is 90 degrees, and attach them to the eyes. Elbows down on the table, breathe through your nose. Using the palm of your hand should not get a light, you should see complete darkness under the eyes with the palms open. Imagine something pleasant in the situation, and then any black items.

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What do the palming: zazhmurte and relax your eyes a few times, close them and remove the palm. Attach eyes jaws, as if promaqua them easily blinked and open eyes.

To do this exercise you need two or three times a day lasting from 20 seconds to five to seven minutes.
Restoring vision is fully, partially or at the beginning – do not neglect the care of eyes.


Watch the computer – it needs to stand so that the light (natural and artificial) falling on the monitor.

Do not operate the computer in the dark – the contrast between the bright light of the screen and a dark room for eyes are harmful. Take care of table lamp, whose position can be adjusted.

The distance between the eyes and the computer should not be less than seventy centimeters, with a direct gaze should be slightly above the middle monitor. With stationary machines this rule to comply with is easier than with laptops that are constantly moved.

Let’s take the time to relax your eyes. If you work at a computer for a few hours or a full day, take ten-minute breaks every hour.

Pay attention, enough is moistened with a tear the cornea when working at the computer. To prevent dry eyes, try blinking more often and not watch the screen too closely.

For these purposes it is necessary to remember about water balance. Secure your water consumption of not less than one and a half to two liters a day.

Do not RUB the eye, even if they discomfort or fatigue.
If you work in an office, try to use conditioner at least not all the time, but without him, absolutely nothing, is to purchase a humidifier and settle in indoor live plants.

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