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Doctors told how to get rid of spider veins on the legs

Врачи рассказали, как избавиться от «звездочек» на ногахIt became known that the purple “stars” on the legs is still possible to resolve.

The disease, known as varicose veins, overtakes people who throughout their lives are too physically active, or, conversely, immobile and overweight. This disease manifests itself in the form of purple or blue “spider veins” on legs that are at home can’t cure. The majority of doctors are confident in the fact that varicose is easier to prevent than to deal with it is not aesthetic symptom in the form of veins, swollen legs.

Cosmetologists also have a different opinion about “stars”, because with the help of modern equipment in the clinics they have the ability to really eliminate the apparent problem. This procedure is quite costly and can afford it, not everyone can, but to have beautiful legs. But the saddest part is the fact that stars disappear not forever and in the near future may appear in other parts of the feet. All because varicose veins should be treated with special preparations, the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor about the normalization of body weight and reduced physical activity as well:

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1. To wear compression underwear. This is especially true for athletes and people who have all day to be “on his feet”.

2. The brace women who are at the heart of a child, as the weight gain of the expectant mother and big belly adversely affect the health of the feet, additionally loading them.

3. To train every day. Sport at least some must be present in a person’s life, even if it is a 5-minute workout before work.

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4. To lose weight. If you have extra weight to lose.

5. Only buy comfortable and “right shoes that will not exert pressure on the foot and the spine, in consequence of which “stars” can appear even more.

6. To take special medications, struggling with the problem of varicose veins. Just not worth it to buy their own and drink uncontrollably. Any medication should be prescribed by a doctor.

7. To go to the beautician. After you have completed all of the above rules, you can try to consult a beautician, which will eliminate the residual phenomenon of varicose veins. Maybe if you stick to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, the veins on the legs and completely forget about it.

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