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Doctors told how to get rid of pre-Christmas stress

Медики подсказали, как избавиться от предновогоднего стрессаMany of us know the feeling when on the eve of new year holidays, it seems that time flies too fast.

Experts have compiled for you a few tips that will help you fully enjoy the holidays.

Don’t wait for magic changes

If there are no expectations that things will change, like magic, then there will be no disappointments. Take the New year as any other holiday and occasion to gather family or friends together. Power of positive emotions.

Do not uprate the bar

First of all, for yourself. It’s new year’s eve to do a carnival or prom. No need to dig in its heels to cook 12 dishes. No one will notice if meals will be less if they are delicious. There are a lot of simple and easy recipes, not to stand at the stove half the day. All preparations should be fun, not fatigue.

Pick up the outfit in advance

Clothes in new year’s eve should be not only beautiful but also convenient. For example, if the most beautiful shoes you will not be able to stand five minutes, then you or the whole holiday at the table, or the feet will hurt more than one day. Let him be remembered no shoes, and a good impression.

Adjust the circumstances under

If you see that fail, not stacked in time, you do not need to check a box and half a day to spend on pot, Olivier. Simplify plans, change of tradition, invent their own, do not waste your time on something that is not fun.

Find time for yourself

Select the day or evening for myself. Relax in our SPA, meet friends or just read a book in a cafe. This is a great way to get rid of stress. No you are not being chased, and if something is not have time – no problem! Don’t blame yourself, because you need to find the time to live for yourself and enjoy the holidays.

Make yourself a gift

We always think about gifts for your family, about yourself and why we forget. Buy what wanted. You deserve it.

Prepare your body

Make it a rule every evening to take a bath with essential oils before the holidays, stop drinking coffee and strong tea, eat less meat – more vegetables and fruits. The body also need to unload, to rid him of stress.

Share the responsibility

Put part of the preparation for the holidays for family and friends who were invited to celebrate the New year. And training will not be a burden.


At work, for sure, in the end of the year the blockage. To do this, highlight the tasks that can be missed. Give more time to what you need to do first. Take breaks at work, breathe the fresh air at lunch time and not be nervous

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Make a plan

Start preparing for the New year not per day but for a couple of weeks. Plan your shopping, cooking and cleaning. Let portions, but by midnight you won’t be deprived of power.

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