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Doctors told how to get rid of bloating

Медики подсказали, как избавиться от вздутия животаThese bad habits lead to bloating.

It is believed that bloating is not a separate disease, but only symptom of other more serious diseases of the digestive system. But sometimes flatulence can suffer and quite healthy people! And there is such a discomfort because of some harmful food privacie.

We advise you to pay attention to the reasons for this discomfort and will tell you how to quickly get rid of bloating.

Causes of bloating

It is better to eat often but in small portions than to eat less, but more efficiently!
Too much fatty food
It is known that fats longer to digest than proteins or carbohydrates, so the longer the stomach remains full. To prevent bloating, limit consumption of fatty foods.
A quick snack
The man who at a rapid pace to absorb food and even not chewing it, probably suffering from bloating after eating. The solution is simple — in a hurry, and slowly to enjoy every bite! The feeling of fullness occurs after 20 minutes…
Swallowing of air
Occurs when the same fast food. And forget about carbonated drinks and chewing gum: why, they like to cheat us bellies!
A lot of easily digestible carbohydrates, fiber and starch
Sweets, pastries, pasta, potatoes and beans, vegetables and fruit on an empty stomach products, which cost to be careful. Abstain from sugar substitutes because they contain almost no digested sorbitol.
Lactose intolerance
Dairy products are very useful, but unfortunately they contain lactose (milk sugar) is transferred not all.

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How to avoid bloating

It is advisable to take a walk after a meal. Moreover, regular exercise help to reduce the build-up of gases and bloating.
Do not eat or drink too hot or cold.
Reduce the number of such food stimulants, such as coffee, chocolate and tea.
Give preference to herbal teas, especially chamomile and mint.
To remove from the intestines and stomach gases, apply sorbents.
And more good mood! It is believed that stress and anxiety can cause explosive belly.

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If symptoms of flatulence are rare and pass quickly, then the causes can be attributed to just some bad habits, which you should get rid of. In severe cases, you need to contact the doctor.

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