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Doctors told how to excrete excess water

Медики рассказали, как вывести из организма лишнюю водуThe excess water causes swelling.

Regular swelling occurs in different areas of the body, may indicate a health problem. Often swelling can be the result of a failure of the heart or kidneys, abnormalities in the menstrual cycle.

Water can stay in the body before menstruation, and the consequence of being sedentary. Or if the lack of pure water consumption, the abuse of caffeine, alcohol beverages, salted or smoked products. In the latter cases your body will fight off the excess data of undesirable substances, delaying the water.

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How to withdraw excess water from the body? If you desalinate food or prefer smoked meat, different sausages, so you will need to gradually reduce their number. Often, due to the limitations one feels on your body positive effect, says the website and begins to abandon the salt and similar products.

Salt itself will not allow you to feel the true flavour of the product combined with the flavor enhancer, which is so generously added in sausage and semi-finished products, in addition to fluid retention, and even excited appetite.

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You need to analyze the quality and quantity consumed during the day of liquid. The thirst, always give preference to the pure and sparkling water. Person per day is recommended to drink about 2.5 liters of water.

Follow those guidelines and health problems you will have.

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