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Doctors told how to eat in winter

Медики подсказали, как правильно питаться зимойIn the winter I should eat more carbs

In the winter, especially in the amplification of the cold weather, you need to eat more carbohydrate foods, because the body needs more energy to keep warm. The benefits of carbohydrates for health in the winter season, said nutritionists.

According to the doctor Tatiana Kakhidze, life invariably requires people to spend more energy for warming in the cold season. No need to be afraid there are more carbohydrates in the winter, the expert emphasizes.

“It is in the cold season, the carbs do not have time to Lodge in the fatty layer. The lack of carbohydrates, on the contrary, harms the body,” said the doctor.

With the opinion that in winter the body needs more energy to survive, and, therefore, more carbohydrates, agrees nutritionist and scientific Director of the FTC food and biotechnology Victor tutelian. He also suggests we eat more high carbohydrate foods.

“In the winter of the food that we eat goes to cover energy needs. At cold temperatures these costs rise, so can be recommended to eat high carbohydrate food,” said nutritionist.

At the same time tutelian stated: when consuming carbohydrates it is important to monitor the balance of calories. Regardless of the time of year, you need to consume more calories the body spends, otherwise (in excess of eaten calories) may develop obesity, or (if negative), the depletion of the body.

Recall that in addition to milk other carbohydrates are of vegetable origin: a lot of them in vegetables, fruits, greens, legumes, cereals, nuts. Products with refined carbohydrates articles, sugar, white bread, white rice faster all contribute to the appearance of excess weight, if you start to overeat. Their number should not exceed 10% in the diet.

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