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Doctors told how to deal with autumn depression

 Медики подсказали, как справиться с осенней депрессией A few basic rules.

Apathy and fatigue, the Blues and even depression are associated with changes in the weather and reduced daylight hours, it is possible to win with bright colors, positive emotions and good lighting.

This was told by the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Bad mood, disinclination to work, drowsiness and lethargy often accompany the offseason, all related to the fact that the body is forced to readjust to the new conditions and rhythms.

It is seen that seasonal mood swings are more prone to women because of their emotion. To worsen this condition can inadequate sleep, poor diet, stress and prolonged lack of proper rest. Therefore, experts recommend in the first place, to sleep well and watch your diet.

Not less important condition for the maintenance of good mood and well being to surround ourselves with pleasant emotions and interesting people.

“Even if you think that the strength is not everything, try to pull yourself together – no one requires to run a marathon, you better make an appointment with your friends, go to cinema or theatre, walk in the Park or just go to your favorite pastry shop. Often apathy drives us is the monotony, is to get away from all familiar and common, as the mood improves dramatically, there are new forces and desires” – said the expert.

Negative mood effect and the absence of sunlight. So try throughout the day to maximize open all the curtains and also to make their homes or office as bright.

“We need to illuminate the room in which you are, especially if the mind is bad thoughts. The darkness on the street or in the apartment cool in the morning, when you want to sleep, but it’s time to get ready for work, depressing. Therefore, upon waking, immediately turn lamp, floor lamp, chandelier – this will help to quickly Wake up and set the tone for what the new day has already begun.

Create around themselves a bright environment. In the truest sense of the word. Change the interior of the house, adding more bright colors. First, it will distract you from sad thoughts, and secondly, when all around you is “bloom”, and moping will not make sense. A very strong influence on our mental state have a yellow and orange – no wonder they are called “flowers of happiness”.

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