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Doctors told how the sauna affects the health of men

Медики рассказали, как сауна влияет на здоровье мужчинThe sauna reduces the risk of developing dementia in old age.

Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland found that systematic visits to saunas and steam baths can reduce the risk of dementia.

A study published in the journal Age and Ageing.

Specialists for 20 years tracked the health of two thousand middle-aged men. Study participants were divided into three groups depending on the frequency of visits to the steam room.

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The researchers found that those participants who went to sauna four to seven times per week, the risk of developing any form of dementia is reduced by 66 percent compared to those who did it once a week. The risk of development of Alzheimer’s disease with frequent sauna use is also reduced by 65 percent.

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In their work the researchers also reminded that a visit to the baths reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Professor Jari Laukkanen (Jari Laukkanen) noted that in the future, the experts will continue the study of beneficial properties of the baths.

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