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Doctors told how not to bring the common cold to pneumonia

Медики рассказали, как не довести обычную простуду до пневмонии To ill with pneumonia.

Pneumonia when time begun treatment ends in recovery, but later started treatment in some cases can lead to death.
About how to prevent pneumonia, said the doctor-the pulmonologist, head of pulmonary Department of the Ulyanovsk regional clinical hospital Irina galushina.

You recognize her…

Autumn begins the season of colds, which are not as harmless as people think. Improper or insufficient treatment of the common cold can cause pneumonia – an acute infectious-inflammatory disease that affects the lower respiratory tract (pulmonary alveoli and small bronchi).

Contracting pneumonia can any man, but at risk – young children, elderly people, patients with diabetes, heart disease, suffered a heart attack and stroke, chronic lung diseases, HIV infection, people receiving chemotherapy or immunosuppressive therapy.

A specific sign of pneumonia no, but among the most frequent symptoms of pneumonia – cough (dry or with sputum), increased body temperature to 37,5 – 39 degrees, the growing weakness, chest pain. In severe pneumonia, shortness of breath, sputum mixed with blood, reduced blood pressure, disturbed consciousness.

But not all symptoms appear simultaneously. For example, the elderly and people with weakened pneumonia can occur without high temperature or fever will remain normal. The patient will cough, fatigue, sudden decrease in appetite. To distinguish SARS (a viral infection) pneumonia is often difficult. The diagnosis can only physician. In most cases, pneumonia can be treated in a hospital.
Pneumonia when time begun treatment ends in recovery, but later started treatment in some cases can lead to death.
The pharmacist will not help

To protect yourself and your loved ones from pneumonia, have to stay healthy in principle. Moderate physical activity required. There should be fresh foods that contain protein, – cabbage, onions, garlic, apples, citrus fruits, fennel, rose hips, currants, cranberries, meat, cheese, eggs, fish.

Don’t forget to treat chronic diseases of the heart and other organs. Should not be of leg oedema, purulent sputum, excessive weight. People who use tobacco and alcohol more often and heavier than the other sick with pneumonia.

When fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat should immediately consult a doctor. It is unacceptable that the patient attended kindergarten or school, go to work. It is not only dangerous to others (they can get), but also will lead to the worsening condition of the patient.

Many people do not go to doctors and begin treatment yourself, ask for advice for friends and pharmacist. There is good and bad drugs, the effective and ineffective antibiotics. Each drug has a specific action – reduces the temperature kills the specific microbe.

That fit this man, can only be decided by the doctor based on examination of the patient, comorbidities, drug intolerance, disease duration, and the conditions under which developed the disease.

Vaccination needed!

Pneumonia is very often develops after influenza. A complication of the flu can be viral pneumonia (runs very hard), sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), bronchitis, progression of existing chronic diseases.

It is therefore necessary in the autumn to get vaccinated against the flu. Flu vaccine is available now, you just have to contact the clinic by place of residence. First, influenza vaccination is required of children, pregnant women, people suffering from diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic respiratory diseases, often ill.Young children require vaccination against pneumococcal infection. Also vaccination against pneumococcal infection it is advisable to go to people over 60, people with diabetes, diseases of the respiratory system, heart, kidneys and liver. Statistics the incidence of severe forms of influenza and pneumonia has proved the high effectiveness of vaccination.

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