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Doctors told how many times a day you need to eat

Медики рассказали, сколько раз в день нужно естьA balanced diet is the key to a slim figure and excellent health.

Trying to eat properly, we pay attention to the quality and quantity of food in the diet, forgetting about such an important question: how many times a day should you eat to be healthy and look good? We know that the neglect Breakfast, and, on the contrary, sleeping on a full stomach is very harmful to our body, causing it to operate in a stressful mode. But how then to plan all the main meals to the diet worked in your favor.

For weight loss

Fractional power

Smaller meals is perfect for everyone who decided to lose a few extra pounds and could afford to be distracted by the snacking a few times during the day.

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In addition, the fractional diet can keep you at peak efficiency throughout the day and prevent unwanted for weight loss the evening meal, often unnecessary.

If you divide your daily caloric intake into many small meals, you will be able to control the feeling of hunger and to avoid breakdowns.

Many studies confirm that smaller meals also helps to reduce glucose level and bad cholesterol in the blood.

Two meals + snack

Another suitable option for those who want to lose weight — meals, including mandatory evening snack.

It would probably be superfluous to say that the Breakfast in this mode in any case can not miss — it will be your main meal, so that you be inspired by the energy and adjust the body in a working mood.

Lunch is also very important. It needs to be hearty, balanced and contain the necessary body proteins, fats and slow carbohydrates.

But the evening meal should consist of a small snack. It may be the citrus fruit natural unsweetened yogurt or kefir, light vegetable salads or a small handful of nuts.

Intermittent fasting

This diet involves drinking alternating for 10-15 hours only water and healthy meals.

The second option is familiar to all who at least once in your life struggling with excess weight, a weekly detox.

This diet must be suitable to anyone who wants to accelerate metabolism, is afraid of eating and drinking, and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on cooking.

If you are sure that you will not be able to hold 10 hours only on the water, or the phrase “fasting day on the water,” introduces you to despair, you can arrange your detox day properly.

To maintain or gain weight

Three meals a day

If the current weight you are quite satisfied, or you don’t even like to gain a few pounds, meals — perfect mode for you.

Judge for yourself: the optimal number of meals allows you to better control weight and prevent malnutrition (however, as well as overeating), you will not feel hunger during the day, you will not have to devote time for extra snacking. In such a mode even it is not necessary to additionally tune: we are all accustomed to this type of food in childhood.

Scientists claim that three meals a day is more useful for the cardiovascular system than fractional, and similarly speeds up metabolism. Don’t forget that all this works only under the condition of balanced nutrition and healthy foods in your diet.

It is important actually to consider meals?

In fact, the frequency of eating — is not the main factor determining your health and moving the arrow on the scales. Keeping count of your meals is akin to counting calories: this can be important if you decide to stick with any diet, but does not play a crucial role on the way to the ideal figure.

Whichever feed type you choose, the most important still to follow the right combination of products to add physical activity, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, do not skip Breakfast and try to eat only natural wholesome high-quality foods, ensuring balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet.

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