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Doctors told how fast to restore the liver

Медики рассказали, как быстро восстановить печеньNow you can think less about what you can eat and what not.
Studies have shown that cells of the intrahepatic bile ducts are involved in liver regeneration.

Known: liver cells (hepatocytes) can recover. But regeneration happens quickly enough, and besides, the new cells are quite old. Therefore, scientists tried to find a way to make extra regeneration. The perfect candidate turned out to be cells of the bile channels of the liver – cholangiocyte

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Experiments were conducted with mice that had liver damage and “off” genes in hepatocytes that are responsible for cell division. This allowed to simulate the situation when recovery of the liver is not by hepatocytes. In the end, the liver was able to recover through cholangiocytes

These cells out of the bile channels and turned into liver cells instead of defective hepatocytes. According to scientists, the regeneration potential of the described mechanism is higher than that of the recovery mechanism for the expense of hepatocytes. Now scientists need to restore the human liver damaged by cirrhosis, due to the introduction of cholangiocytes.

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