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Doctors told, how dangerous is the flu during pregnancy

Медики рассказали, чем опасен грипп во время беременностиThe doctors explained why expectant mothers should pay attention to their health.

The end of autumn and early winter is the period when usually begins to increase epidemiological threshold incidence of influenza. For the average person, the flu can be dangerous complications, for example pneumonia, but for pregnant women any negative consequences of this disease it is doubly unsafe, as at heart she wears another man.

The flu and pregnancy

According to statistics, women in the situation several times more at risk of Contracting the flu virus than the rest of the people. And the worst thing is that pregnant women have the flu evolves much faster and is also accompanied by serious symptoms, for example, if this temperature, it immediately jumps up to 39-40 degrees, and if it is a cough, he instantly develops into bronchitis or pneumonia.

In almost all cases, pregnant women diagnosed with flu, hospitalitynet in the hospital because self-treatment or inadequate treatment can lead to serious consequences and even death of the fetus, and death of the expectant mother.

Infection with influenza virus in the first trimester may provoke a spontaneous abortion, i.e. miscarriage. Often, I had been ill during pregnancy flu women give birth to children with abnormalities of development.

If a woman gets the flu during the second trimester of pregnancy, she could give birth before the due date, and this creates the risk that a premature baby can not be saved.

In the last months of pregnancy too dangerous to catch the flu because the baby may be born with symptoms of this disease, and because he’s still small and his immune system is weak, the healing process is delayed for a long time, and the risk of complications increases.

Prevention of flu. Pregnant women should also, like everyone else, to protect itself and advance to strengthen the immune system. It is advisable not to visit places with large concentrations of people. Frequently wash hands. More walk in the fresh air. To dress warmly. Eat right and less nervous.

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