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Doctors told how alcohol affects blood vessels

Медики рассказали, как алкоголь влияет на сосуды The results of the latest research.

There are many “horror stories” about the effects of alcohol on the cardiovascular system organs – but the study, researchers from the USA showed how things really are. Experts from the American heart Association concluded that regularly drinking alcohol is still dangerous.

After years of monitoring the health of nearly four thousand (3 869) people, the cardiologists concluded that: “Alcohol, consumed with regularity and in large quantities, provokes the rapid aging of the arteries”.

Thus, in their view, men are alcoholic arterial aging to a greater extent than women.

The researchers tracked changes in the health status of the participants observed every four years. With special attention clinicians have observed the condition of the volunteers, whose experience of alcohol was in excess of 25 years. They found that, in people years consumed alcohol at 112 grams ethanol (at least) per week, the elasticity of the arteries were the lowest.

Cardiologists explained that the reduced elasticity of the arteries leads to abnormal blood flow, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke. According to them, loss of elasticity of vascular tissue is one of the characteristic symptoms of aging, but alcohol lovers it manifests itself regardless of age.

Separately, the authors of the study noted that among people with a prematurely aged vessels they observed a large number of fans of beer. In one liter of beer contains about 40 grams of ethanol, and vascular system regular consumption of this drink can result in not less risk than the consumption of alcohol, experts said.

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