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Doctors told everything you need to know about anemia

Медики рассказали все, что нужно знать о малокровииThis information will allow to prevent the development of anemia and the timely initiation of treatment, if the disease already has a place to be.

Anemia is often called anemia. This condition is due to a sharp reduction of red blood cells in the blood and fall of the level of hemoglobin. This man feels some symptoms that keep him from living fully. Therefore, you must learn to recognize the signs of anemia and know how to get rid of them.

Causes of anemia can be:

– viral diseases;

– transferred operation or a large loss of blood;

– hemorrhoids and peptic ulcer disease, accompanied by bleeding;

– chronic diseases of the digestive system;

– pregnancy and lactation;

– intense sports activities, as well as work that requires human physical exertion during the day;

– unbalanced diet;

– failure of bone marrow;

– iron deficiency or problems with the absorption of this element.

Anemia is a serious disease that requires immediate treatment. If nothing is done, in order to increase the level of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in the blood, then the following complications:

– weakened immune system;

– chronic fatigue, flowing in disability;

– disruption in the Central nervous system, resulting in an reduced intelligence, memory loss, inability to concentration;

– congestive heart failure;

– swelling of the lower extremities;

liver enlargement and jaundice.

As we see, to treat anemia is to put yourself at risk to get other not less serious illnesses. So, seeing the symptoms of anemia, go immediately to the physician, who will prescribe you the surrender of General blood analysis to make sure what’s bothering you right anemia. If the result is expected, i.e. the number of erythrocytes and hemoglobin is not up to standards, it is necessary to begin treatment of anemia, do not postpone.

Symptoms of anemia, which should make you an appointment to the therapist:

1. Fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue.

2. Pale skin and black eyes.

3. Frequent headaches, dizziness, fainting.

4. Breathing problems, shortness of breath.

5. Poor appetite, slow metabolism, constipation.

6. Cyanosis or pallor of lips and gums.

7. Panic attacks, palpitations and arrhythmia.

Follow the doctor’s recommendation and anemia will recede in the near future. Remember that prevention of anemia should eat right, strengthen the immune system, to be physically active, get plenty of rest in nature and to breathe fresh air, sleep not less than 7 hours at night, having time to treat the disease, which can trigger the development of this disease.

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