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Doctors told dangerous than “street” coffee

Медики рассказали, чем опасен «уличный» кофеYou should pay attention when buying this drink on the street.

“Street” is not uncommon in the city. You should be careful while buying this drink in your coffee.

Few people think about where water is taken the Barista for making coffee and respect the rules of hygiene in the workplace in the absence of access to flowing water. Often they use poor quality coffee and water to reduce the cost of the product and to attract because of the low prices of a larger number of buyers.

After drinking a Cup of this coffee, there is a great risk of Contracting dangerous bacteria. It can be E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus. Therefore, a person will have vomiting and high fever. In some cases, you may need and the hospitalization of the victim to the infectious Department.

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Doctors warn of Ukrainians, and from the use of syrups, which the Barista offered to add to the drink. They can cause allergies and chronic dermatitis. In addition, dangerous for the human body, the bacteria can multiply in the coffee machine.

Steam, water or damp medium in the machine is a great place for development of microorganisms and moulds. The whole system of making coffee must often be washed with boiling water to eliminate any impurities.

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To protect yourself from low-quality coffee, you need to pay attention to the workplace and the maker.

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Looks more expensive than it is, the higher the probability that the Barista will fill it with bad water.

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