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Doctors told about the unique properties of chocolate

Медики рассказали об уникальных свойствах шоколадаBeloved chocolate was recognized as useful by scientists, so there is no logical sense to deny myself the pleasure.

The most delicious treat for people of all ages — chocolate. But not all understand it, and many did not know how to distinguish the useful from dark chocolate to be not very useful dark or milk. It is in these differences is the main feature of chocolate is to benefit man. Experts argue that chocolate the percentage of cocoa in which at least 70%, much greater than that of milk, white, dark, fruit and other additives.

The chocolate should be bitter

A few centuries ago in England began adding milk to the chocolate, so the taste was more pleasant. Then, chocolate makers came to the idea that it can be sweetened with cane sugar. So we got a delicious treat with a sweet and pleasant taste. The bitterness disappeared.

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Today people can’t distinguish between what kind of chocolate black, and a dark. Their main differences: the amount of cocoa, sugar, emulsifiers, milk and other additives. In the present dominated by dark chocolate cocoa powder and cocoa butter, accounting for more than 70%, the remaining 30% are additives to improve the taste. Chocolate in which the cocoa percentage is less than 70% is not called black, and dark, and its properties do not have the same strength as in dark chocolate.

How useful dark chocolate:

1. Helps to improve the brain work. That is a piece of dark chocolate will quickly set you on the job. You will be able to concentrate and perform any task. Pupils and students of higher educational institutions doctors recommend eating dark chocolate and no other.

2. Helps the endocrine system to produce serotonin and endorphins — hormones of happiness, pleasure, joy. It turns out that eating dark chocolate, people in advance takes care of your mood and health. Milk and any other kind of chocolate do not have the production of these hormones is irrelevant.

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3. Invigorating. Chocolate has caffeine, so no wonder that after a few pieces of chocolate a person can feel energized. For example, athletes use bitter chocolate 99% literally 2-3 times a week for 30-50 grams and no more. This helps them to stock up on good energy and not falling off the track, because the chocolate, though, and has a sweet and bitter taste, it is still chocolate.

4. Hot. Dark chocolate has long been recognized as an aphrodisiac, so it does not manage any romantic date.

5. Cures depression. The doctors agree that using chocolate to cope with any depressive disorder. Chocolate is often called a natural antidepressant.

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