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Doctors told about the unexpected dangers of kas

Медики рассказали о неожиданном вреде каш The harm of this food can fully feel the high blood pressure.

This product is associated with a healthy diet and flu season it is advised to eat regularly in connection with a large content of vitamins.

Despite the usefulness of kas, persons with chronic diseases and obesity should be used very carefully or not eat at all. Oatmeal contains phytic acid, promotes leaching of calcium from the body. Porridge made from rice harmful to diabetics as they raise blood sugar levels, also this product can result in kidney stones.

Suffering from renal failure it is not recommended to eat buckwheat. It can impair health in people who are prone to flatulence and diabetics.

Previously, scientists told about the dangers of semolina. It contains phytin, which prevents the normal absorption of vitamin D, which causes bone fragility.

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