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Doctors told about the unexpected benefits of cloudy weather

Врачи поведали о неожиданной пользе пасмурной погодыIt turns out that bad weather has a positive impact on human health.

Scientists have proved that when the window is bad weather — people are able to work longer and harder.

Scientists have proved that bad weather can significantly improve productivity. The discovery belongs to American scientists. The researchers interpreted the statistics of employees of Japanese banks. It is known that these institutions strictly fixed performance of employees. It turned out that the average employee faster executes orders on cloudy days. In Sunny weather, office staff are often distracted, too lazy, their productivity falls. Bright direct sunlight even more increased the required amount of time to accomplish the task.

The study’s authors believe that the bad weather outside the window does not give reason to once again distracted. The negative outside the window enters the stage of concentration at work.

Note, a study conducted earlier proves that Sunny weather increases the romantic spirit of man, in those days, couples hold each other more time.

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