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Doctors told about the pros and cons of chicken liver

Медики поведали о плюсах и минусах куриной печениChicken has both positive sides and negative.

What came first: the chicken or the egg? The question, of course, interesting, but not knowing the answer to it does not prevent chicken meat and offal to occupy an honored place among the ingredients to prepare your gourmet culinary creations.

In particular, the most coveted and recognized around the world as a delicacy are the specialties of the liver. Delicious and original, they managed to break the heart of this gourmet. However, the more responses from chicken liver, resona question: is it really useful if this product for the body, as they say?

The beneficial properties of chicken liver and its application

Chefs include chicken livers to the food and nutritionists recommend to use it for health and medicinal purposes.

So what is it useful?

The high content of chicken liver iron helps increase the hemoglobin in the blood, and the heparin keeps normal its ability to clotting, which means that it is ideal for the prevention of myocardial infarction, stroke and atherosclerosis. Improves memory and stimulates brain activity contained in the liver of choline.

Selenium supports the body’s required amount of iodine, which is very useful for thyroid and to cleanse the blood. Thiamine is a strong antioxidant that protects the body from the harmful effects of heavy metals in the environment.

The condition of the teeth and the hair is improved and vision is strengthened through part of the liver ascorbic acid, and metionin prevents the appearance of malignant tumors.

The amino acid tryptophan is responsible for a deep, restful sleep and for the processes of inhibition in the brain. Wishing to lose weight include a liver diet food for its low calorie content.

Doctors recommend regular consumption of chicken liver people with such health problems such as:

overwork and fatigue;
diabetes mellitus;
lung disease;
nervous disorders;
reduced immunity;
violation of metabolism.

But the most useful feature chicken liver is its assistance in the recovery of the patient after massive blood loss that occurred, for example, during a surgical operation.

So, use chicken liver obvious, and therefore, all supporters of a healthy diet can safely include it in your diet. Left to learn to cook, the dish turned out delicious and juicy.

The main advantage of cooking chicken liver is that it does not require special handling. It is not necessary to soak it in milk or remove the film, simply to wash, dry paper towel and remove connective tissue. Large the liver is cut into small strips, and small cooked whole.

Chicken liver pate cook, roast, beef Stroganoff, stew it in the sour cream, added to salads, boil it a soup or use as a filling for pies. The main thing to remember: you need to fry it on two sides for 2 – minutes, otherwise it will become dry and hard. To check the readiness of the chicken liver is easy: she will be soft if pierced with a fork, and on the surface, instead of blood, stand out clear juice.

Contraindications and harm

The use of chicken liver can bring only if it’s fresh, because prolonged storage it accumulated harmful toxins. So, when buying, should pay special attention to its appearance. Fresh liver has a dark-brown color and smooth surface.

In any case can not buy the liver.

orange or greenish color;
loose consistency;
in large blood vessels;
with blood clots.

Do not forget about the fact that any liver taste a little bitter, but if in the finished product the bitterness is significant, it means that the liver is stale and her eating is very dangerous, the case could result in severe food poisoning.

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