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Doctors told about the healing properties of lentils

Медики рассказали о целебных свойствах чечевицыDoctors recommend lentils for lung diseases and tuberculosis.

Doctors have found that the lentil has a positive effect on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Specialists conducted a study involving more than 20 people. Participants were fed according to two different schemes.

The first involves the consumption of potatoes and rice in its purest form, and the second ― a mixture of potatoes and rice along with green and red lentils.

Before and after the meal the volunteers carried out measurement of blood sugar and pressure. It turned out that the use of rice and lentils sugar level in the blood was 20 percent lower compared to the indicators in the use of rice in its purest form.

A mixture of lentils and potatoes gave a record of sugar, which is 35% lower than potatoes. Meals with lentils resulted in the reduction of cholesterol and to normalize blood pressure.

In raw lentils contains 106 calories. The product contains no fat, that allows to use it people suffering from excess weight, but there are carbohydrates that provide long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Lentil belongs to the legume family that contains vitamins A, b, C, and even unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Often you can find vegetarians who replaced animal protein in the plant, namely lentils. As it contains up to 60% protein. And that’s not the whole list of positive properties of lentils. Therefore, the use of lentils is undeniable.

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