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Doctors told about the deadly condiments

Медики рассказали о смертельно опасных приправахDo not believe that even seemingly innocuous condiments fatally harmful to us?

Experts called unknown to the broad facts about 6 slow killers that are in the kitchen each.


The easiest way to improve the taste of the finished dish is to add a bit of salt, which, among other things, will cause the molecules to move products faster and stronger impact on the taste buds. The problem is that to reduce the toxicity of excess salt the kidneys have to work with a saturated solution of liquids. Dilute it with additional portions of water will be the right decision, that’s just too much volume will lead to increased pressure and load literally everything — from heart and kidney to arteries. For a long time it will inevitably provoke the disease of the kidneys and constriction of blood vessels, and there to strokes heart attacks is not far away.


Another seasoning-a killer that many do not even perceive it as anything like a serious threat, is sugar. Meanwhile, in addition to the benefits in the message body with the quick energy that sugar brings us is absolutely of no use.

Dental problems, increased blood sugar levels and, as a consequence, “prosperitanii” the pancreas to produce insulin, a possible obesity, heart problems and diabetes — all this makes this product loose a lot of honor. However, overdosing with sugar can, not even looking in his direction — a sufficient amount of it is contained in ten of the foods we eat every day in large numbers.

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BBQ sauce

It is impossible to cook the perfect pork ribs without soaking meat in a marinade with a special sauce, and the subsequent smearing the mix BBQ. It is this coating of BBQ sauce after heat treatment will turn into a delicious glaze. Along with it you eat even more sugar, salt, corn syrup (another sugar), molasses and tomato ketchup than if the BBQ sauce was just served with a simple roasted meat. In the case of glazed ribs, to which the sauce is served and so it becomes a real double challenge for kidney, pancreas and cardiovascular system!

Sauce Sriracha

100 mg of salt, or 4% of the daily value in one teaspoon of the sauce Sriracha — this will agree, is not what it would cost to survive. Indeed, a small amount of seasoning-pest in a great sauce by itself makes him dangerous. Dangerous is that this sauce is so versatile that it’s hard to refuse yourself the pleasure to add it to literally everything that enters the mouth. Heard about the straw that fractured the camel’s back? Well, this is the case.

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In the case of mayonnaise, this real king of dressings and marinades, there are a plenty of ways to harm their health, in addition to the standard salt and sugar. So, for example, allergies “appreciate” the presence in the composition of mayonnaise of eggs, whose yolk is not the primary pasteurization, and therefore, the risk of catching Salmonella ceases to be so ephemeral. In addition, one tablespoon of mayonnaise contains so much oil that covers about 15% of the daily value of fat.

Soy sauce

About 880 mg of salt (or 36% of the daily value) contains just one tablespoon of soy sauce, that would lead to fatal consequences, we add it in junk food in huge quantities. The Chinese of the second century of our era are a large-scale experiment to clarify the effects of soy sauce on the body, and yet supposedly have nothing to fear, but only subject to moderation. Do not forget that soy sauce is made from fermented paste of soybeans, informing him of up to 2% alcohol that actually makes it a weak liquor. To get drunk, it is true, it will not work — the salt will finish you before will appear the first symptoms of alcohol intoxication.

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