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Doctors told about the dangers of fillers for electronic cigarettes

Медики рассказали об опасности наполнителей для электронных сигарет So, the fact that young people consider a harmless hobby, can lead to very serious consequences.

More recently, safe electronic cigarettes have become dangerous. They carry the causes of malignant tumors. To such conclusion came the American chemists from the laboratory of the University of North Carolina. Information they published in a specialized journal.

Evaporation fillers electronic cigarettes contain many toxic substances that conventional nicotine, which is necessary for the human body, it seems safe element.

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Today there are more than 7,000 fillers for electronic cigarettes. Some of them are so toxic that left his harmfulness of nicotine far behind. The most harmful fillers: banana, vanilla and cinnamon.

The fact that the distillation of these products is associated with technological difficulties, which make these fragrances are costly. The banana, according to us chemists, it is 70 percent of cancer of the larynx, and 45% of the mucosa of the throat and lips and 30% remains on a malignant tumor of the upper respiratory tract.

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