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Doctors told about the benefits of ginger water

Медики поведали о плюсах имбирной водыThe effect of this water has a positive impact on the health of the entire body.

Ginger water for weight loss and body toning began to use in ancient times.

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a more useful product for health, beauty and figure, than ginger.

In China ginger is used to treat a variety of illnesses many years ago. Him for treating colds, eliminate cosmetic problems, improved hair condition and improved appetite in patients. So what is so useful is ginger?

Useful properties of ginger for health

1. Improves the digestive tract and acts as cancer prevention
Main medicinal properties of ginger known since ancient times. First and foremost, of course, it’s pain-relieving ability. Essential oil plants are strong antioxidants, they eliminate free radicals, prevents the destruction of healthy cells of the body, preventing the development of cancer. It also explains another important property of ginger in the treatment of gastritis. Drunk on an empty stomach drink ginger has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract and AIDS in healing lesions in the stomach pains. However, it is important not to overdo it: simply add 200 ml of water, 0.5 gram of grated ginger root, otherwise the pain may increase.

2. Relieves fatigue and depression
Ginger helps to get rid of sleepiness, fatigue and even depression. Enough to take a drink or in food 0.5 g of grated fresh root ginger or a pinch of dried spices to replace soft drinks – energy drinks, coffee and black tea. In addition, ginger root stimulates brain activity, improves concentration and performance. So this product, be sure to include in your diet in the days of greatest mental stress.

3. Boosts immunity
Positive effect of ginger root on the immune system were described more Chinese doctors, who recommended to regularly use the infusion of the roots of plants, to protect the body from disease. And the infusion didn’t have to cook alcohol-based. The best recipe was considered ginger water. It was made with three slices of lemon, 1 g of grated ginger root and 1 l of water. The desire to drink was added 1 spoon of honey. Now nutritionists and doctors also recommend to take each day ginger drink on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before Breakfast. This ritual will allow to forget about seasonal colds and respiratory diseases. Regular consumption of ginger water also helps relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

4. Improves bone health
Ginger helps to improve the bone condition. Therefore, the root of a plant worth adding to your diet people who have a predisposition to arthritis, gout and other joint diseases. Grated ginger root also helps to improve the condition of tooth enamel.

Useful than water with ginger for weight loss

Many dieters people pay special attention to your diet. Calorie abruptly “curtailed”, fatty foods and fried — banned, and is replaced by a sweet, useful fruit. But few of those who are trying to lose weight, pay attention to the drinks. Drinking enough water is a prerequisite to weight loss. It reduces appetite and provides the body the “right” environment for chemical reactions called metabolism. Finally, water is essential for fat burning.

Green tea with ginger “charged” essential oils and phytoncides. It contains caffeine, a bit of gingerol (ginger oil) and a small amount of citric acid and vitamin C. plain water with ginger is also useful for the figure. Unlike ginger coffee drinks and teas with the root of the plants, the water does not stimulate the nervous system and allows you to remain calm, so you can drink it all day, even before bed.

If you replace the usual 5 cups of coffee/ tea 5 glasses of water with ginger, will be much quieter the metabolism will be accelerated, but the desire to stress-eating altogether lost.

Bonus drinking ginger water regarding lifestyle is that you will forget about the sweets, chocolate and cakes that just beg for tea. With ginger water, and eat sweets a little weird, because of that drink is easier to drink for those who are constantly trying to lose weight.

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