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Doctors told about the benefits and harms of yogurt before bed

Медики рассказали о пользе и вреде кефира перед сномThe doctor told about the benefits of eating yogurt.

The universal habit of drinking before going to bed yogurt — how useful it is, said scientists.

Many people before you go to bed drink kefir. Of course, it is better to drink a glass of yogurt than to eat a portion of fried potatoes with meat and drink all the sugary soda. Yogurt has already become a certain tradition in the lives of men and women who look after their health, want to be slim and live a long healthy life. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of yogurt, drinking before going to sleep, helped to understand, scientists have long researched the question. Scholars ‘ opinions are often contradictory, some argue that yogurt before going to sleep affects the human body mega-positive, other scholars have found that drinking kefir can not all people.

Can I drink kefir before going to bed:

1. From the viewpoint of calcium absorption by the body — the yogurt be sure to drink in the evening or just before bedtime. And all because our body better absorb calcium in the night time when we rest.

2. If you need to calm down, just one Cup of yogurt will help better than any medicine. In yogurt contains substances that are beneficial to the nervous system, thus drinking a little kefir before bed you will quickly relax and fall asleep.

3. Dream of a beautiful figure? Then you need to get your intestines working like a clock, and this can help in mill yogurt drink for the night. During sleep, the yogurt will gently cleanse the digestive system of toxins, saturating it with useful bacteria, in the morning you can easily go to the bathroom.

4. You can see the yogurt and on the other hand, in the fermentation process of dairy product emit not only bacteria, but pure alcohol. Naturally, the amount of alcohol in kefir is negligible small, but if you are against alcohol in any form, yogurt is not suitable for you.

5. Yogurt is a protein product so it can be very useful, suitable for use in the evening hours. But this statement is considered controversial because it is during sleep the human body is not able to digest many proteins, which in consequence may lead to excess weight, which, again, is very controversial.

Statistics show that all people who are “addicted” to a glass of kefir before going to sleep have established the gastrointestinal tract, rapid metabolism, they are less sick and almost never feel sluggish, weak. Plus to all lovers of yogurt say that they became better and sleep better at night, got rid of depression and insomnia.

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