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Doctors told about the benefits and dangers of massage

Врачи рассказали о пользе и вреде массажаNot everyone should do kuboki massage.

A good massage can relieve us from stress and migraine, but unskilled massage may cause damage to nervous or muscle tissue, and lead to spastic and inflammatory changes.

According to Robert Gotlin — sports doctor from the Medical Center Beth Israel (NY), about 15% of patients receiving a massage in need of further restorative treatment. In many cases, painful sensations are not associated with lesions of the muscle and due to changes in the bones and nerves. In these cases, massage can lead to deterioration of the patient patient.

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Gotlin says that people are not overweight should avoid deep massage, as in this case may be the damaged nerves, muscles and bones okolomatocnah region. In any case, it is not necessary to allow “hands on” home-grown and unqualified therapists.

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