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Doctors told about any illness you can talk circles under the eyes

Медики рассказали, о каких болезнях могут говорить круги под глазамиThe causes of dark circles under the eyes many.

This chronic fatigue, constant lack of sleep, depression or moved not so long ago the disease.

But in most cases, the cause of dark circles under the eyes is genetic predisposition. And if you look closely to their relatives, especially those who are suffering from this skin defect, the answer will be obvious. In this case, the Board sleep well or enough to walk in the fresh air will not give the expected effect (although it will always be useful).

To save the situation genetically predisposed to dark circles under the eyes, women can only be properly done makeup and beauty products that improve circulation and prevent the stagnation of lymph. But to get the full, expert advice should refer to the endocrinologist, because bruises under the eyes can be signs of diseases of the kidney and thyroid. Also the cause of dark circles under the eyes can be a chronic runny nose. But if it turns out that it is not a disease at all to do with, from circles under the eyes can be removed with the help of some simple tips.

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You need to set a rule and be sure every night to ventilate the room. Ideally you want to go to sleep at the open window. But in our conditions this is not always feasible for unseasoned person can obernutsya additional under eye circles earned from a cold. Before bedtime is very useful to walk on foot (walking time just can thoroughly ventilated bedroom). In this case, you will have a good and healthy sleep, and you will look amazing – fresh and young.

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To avoid the appearance of circles under the eyes is not worth it to drink a lot of fluids before bedtime – this will cause run-off. Well, if an hour before bedtime you drink a Cup of warm milk with honey.

Negatively on the condition of the skin under the eyes works Smoking – Smoking women, the skin is susceptible to aging much earlier. If you want to look great – quit Smoking.

It is important, as you shoot day make-up. It is recommended to use only special funds.

When you do makeup, it is not necessary to powder the bruises – use this zone to high-quality concealer.

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