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Doctors told about any illness will talk in the mirror

Медики подсказали, о каких болезнях расскажет отражение в зеркалеScientists said that, looking in the mirror, it is possible to identify some diseases.

Special attention should be paid to the condition of the skin, lips and hair.

Experts say that skin peeling indicates a problem with the liver or skin diseases, e.g. lichen. Assessing the elasticity of the skin, you can learn about the dehydration. In such cases it is recommended to increase the amount of water and changing your diet, but the medical advice will not be superfluous.

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To learn about the problems of the cardiovascular system and lungs can as lips. If they become whiter than usual, then you should get tested for minerals, and to drink a course of vitamins.

If you notice gray hair or hair loss, you should pay attention to the thyroid gland. In the presence of these symptoms, you should contact the experts.

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