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Doctors: the emergence of Oncology and lifestyle are directly correlated

Медики: появление онкологии и образ жизни напрямую взаимосвязаныThe way of life of the patients is directly associated with the occurrence of cancer.

The American edition of “CA: The Cancer Journal for Clinicians” (journal of the American cancer society, published for professionals involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. – Approx. ed.), published the results of a study on the causes of cancer.

A group of scientists, headed by Dr Farhad Islami analyzed data about cancer in the U.S. and calculated the percentage of cases were caused by factors depending on the patient. This, in particular, Smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, overweight and obesity, alcohol abuse, low physical activity, insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, and visiting tanning beds.

According to the study, 42% of 1.5 million of all cancer cases in 2014 were linked to these factors.

Smoking has caused cancer in 20% of cases – and this is the highest risk factor. Overweight or obese, with the figure of 8% took the second place (including 6.5% of deaths). Alcohol accounted for 5.6% of cases and 4% of deaths; consumption of red meat – by 1.3%, and a sedentary lifestyle is 2.9%. A deficiency in the diet of fruits and vegetables, than sin, about 90% of Americans, causes cancer almost 2% of cases.

If you combine multiple factors at once, the risk is greatly increased. So, overweight, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise contribute to the development of cancer is almost 14% of cases in men and 22% women.

The data are sobering. But there is good news: since 1991 cancer mortality in America has dropped by 25%. And the doctors say that this figure can be improved even more if people abandon bad habits, promote the development of cancer.

Islami and his colleagues are optimistic, because their study showed that a significant percentage of cancer cases and deaths can be avoided.

“If [people] will eliminate some of these factors, you can significantly reduce the risk of many cancers,” says Islami.

The researchers hope that the findings will encourage the state and Federal authorities to take appropriate measures. For example, increase the number of zones, free from Smoking, and begin actively to promote a healthy lifestyle. And doctors in turn can often remind patients about the risk factors of certain diseases: studies show that it works.

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