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Doctors suggested who should not be allowed to observe advent

Медики подсказали, кому нельзя соблюдать Рождественский постAdvent began on November 28 and will last until late in the evening of January 6, 2016 – “before the first stars”.

This is the time when believers are cleansed spiritually and physically.

How to fast before Christmas, and to whom fasting is contraindicated?


The attitude of the Church office is not always correct. When people decided to observe advent the forty days, he often focuses on the food restrictions. To give up favorite foods for a month and a half really hard. But it is not an end in itself but only a means. Any limitations include self-control, and people can notice their actions and thoughts. The purpose of fasting is spiritual purification and growth, the ability to control themselves and their desires. But this can be achieved only in the case when you are not doing the violence, and accepted the change calmly.

The advent calendar will help you navigate what foods can be eaten. “Hot, no butter” means the food can be cooked, but the fat is not add. “Xerophagy” is in fact a raw food diet: you can estv these days, there’s no need to cook, but only Lenten food. “Winter carnivore” – the period until the next post (the Great fast before Easter). Wednesday and Friday are traditionally fast days.

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Note for note. No sense in torturing yourself by fasting if you are not prepared and never kept the fast. Full strict Nativity fast 40 days without harm for health can withstand only experienced people.

Start with small restrictions:

eliminate fatty meat and leave meatless and fish
eliminate all the meat and leave the eggs and dairy products
eliminate animals and plant II Express
not priderjivaetsya of shoemania at the start
And remember that fasting is not a diet, but a time for spiritual growth. And if you are not able to adhere strictly to the gastronomic part, then follow the spiritual part of fasting.


The observance of strict fasting is for the body. You deprive yourself of animal protein and fats for 40 days, completely replacing them with plant food.

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Doctors do not recommend to observe advent:

Pregnant and nursing
Children under 12 years
People with chronic infectious diseases (tuberculosis, viral hepatitis)
In the period of surgery (before surgery and after it)
Cancer patients
Ulcer of the stomach and intestine dvenadtsatiperstnoi
Blood diseases (anemia, leukemia)
Gastritis with hyperacidity (heartburn, esophagitis reflux)
Those who work hard physically
Athletes, those who want to lose weight
People with diseases of the nervous system
The elderly suffering from osteoporosis
For metabolic diseases (diabetes)
Students and schoolchildren in a period of great mental and psychological stress

Church Ministers also say that pregnant and nursing, children under three years of age, the elderly, those who are in the way, is seriously ill, busy, hard work, and strictly to observe advent is impossible. Are often allowed to abandon the post completely. But the recommendation of the Church for these people (except children) to fast “as much”.

In any case, even if you consider yourself completely healthy person, before the post pass the examination and get a doctor’s permission.

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