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Doctors suggested way to maintain the health of after 60 years

Медики подсказали способ сохранить здоровье после 60 летContinuation of work activities after 60 years, improves health and helps to maintain health at a high enough level.

Modern people live longer than before.

It is for this reason that retirement today can feel somewhat better by increasing the level of activity.

For most, it is a great chance to devote time to dealing with a variety of unusual tasks. Continued work in old age allows you to engage in volunteering, Hobbies or other areas of active activities, which were not able to devote time to informed.

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Thus, scientists, pensioners will be able over a long period to maintain physical and mental activity at the appropriate level. For people aged over 60 it is important to participate in any activities, as well as being a full representative of the society.

In accordance with statistics, once people retire, men are given to live approximately 16 years, while for women the period slightly higher at an average of 19 years.

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Interaction with society in the elderly leads to a drop in the risk of developing dementia, whereas active lifestyle significantly reduces the possibility of cancer, vascular diseases and obesity.

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