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Doctors suggested to reduce the temperature without medication

Медики подсказали, как снизить температуру без лекарствTake care of your health.

During a cold usually strongly temperature rises and most people run to the pharmacy to buy medicine, or antipyretics, although in reality you can do without them.

Lower temperature is possible without drugs, thanks to some methods that should be known by all people, and then they would not have immediately run to the pharmacy at the first symptoms of a cold.

Most often, when a person temperature it is trying to put the heat and wrap in a warm blanket, but after these actions the temperature in humans on the contrary can only go up. If the patient has a cold, temperature too high, he on the contrary should be dressed easier, or at least not wrap up in a blanket, therefore, can reduce the temperature by a few degrees. But during this, in any case can not open the window, otherwise people might catch cold even stronger. The room should be warm and comfortable to be in such conditions it is necessary to create for the patient.

During the cold person needs to drink a lot of water with it will be possible to lower the temperature. A sick person needs to drink more water two times and have to drink about three liters a day. Water can be mixed with honey and lemon juice, this drink will help to reduce the temperature and raise the immunity. Such drinks should be consumed in hot several times a day, they help better than any drugstore powder resources. Also during a cold are advised to drink hot tea with lemon and raspberries, you can do this throughout the day and also before bedtime.

To quickly reduce the temperature will help a simple rubdown with a wet towel, but this should be done only when the temperature is above thirty-eight degrees. However for a long time effect is not enough to take away the body will have every couple of hours during such procedures shouldn’t be any drafts otherwise the patient will only hurt.

Will also help to reduce the temperature of the at least one or two degrees of wiping with vinegar or alcohol, to do so, preferably every two or 3 hours, then the temperature will not rise. However, after such procedures the skin on the body can become dry, therefore, it is desirable then to spread a good cream.

Special enema will help literally half an hour to reduce the temperature of the person, however, this process is not the most pleasant. To prepare the special enema you need to make a solution of salt and cold water and add a half glass of beetroot juice. Squeeze the juice from the beets by using a good juicer, but if not, you have to RUB it on a grater, wait until the vegetables will give the juice and then squeeze it with a clean cheesecloth or very fine sieve. Such an enema can be done not more than two or three times a day. Also an enema to lower the temperature made from the infusion of chamomile after cooking this means it must first be cooled and then be sure to strain, before you do yourself an enema.

How else can you reduce the temperature without pills
If the temperature is not very high, can be put directly into the forehead of the sick person wet a towel soaked in cold water, to change such a towel are required every half hour.

To lower the temperature necessary to prepare a special poultice from raw potatoes and plain vinegar, to do this you must first potatoes to grate, add a little vinegar, and then this mess should be put on the cheesecloth and spread evenly on the forehead of the patient. To change these packs are needed every hour so that you can advance to grate a lot of potatoes and place it in the refrigerator. However after a while grated potatoes may start to turn black, but the beneficial properties however, he will not lose, and it will be easy to use for the preparation of such medicinal compresses.

The infusion of rose hips are advised to drink regularly during the temperature, as this tool helps to quickly reduce and even improves the immune system. You should also prepare more infusions of lime, these drinks can only be consumed warm but not hot.

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