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Doctors suggested the easiest way to lose weight

Медики подсказали самый простой способ похуденияHow to lose weight with plain water

Effective weight reduction is impossible without the right amount of fluid in the body. That to lose weight without drinking water is impossible, said fitness coach Anita Lutsenko.

“Get used to drink water! The habit to drink daily norm of pure non-carbonated water speeds up metabolism and allows you to lose weight,” – said Lutsenko.

Fitness coach shared a recommendation on how to calculate the right amount of liquid, starting from their physical characteristics. To calculate the individual norm, it is necessary to multiply 40 ml on your weight in kilograms, suggested the expert. Half of the volume should be clean drinking water and half of other sources of liquids: fruits, vegetables, soups, teas, juices and so on.

Also required for weight loss rule, the expert believes the use of 300 milliliters of warm water every morning. Following this ritual, you can accelerate metabolism and active cleansing of the body, said Lutsenko.

“Can’t drink very cold water – it worsens the digestion and whets the appetite,” said fitness trainer.

The expert stressed that drinking water is a wonderful way to end my habit to drink during the day unnecessary body products and, hence, extra calories, and in General, accustom yourself to eat less.

“I want to eat? First, drink some water!” – this Board it summed up a list of their recommendations.

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