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Doctors suggested kind of water to drink healthier

Медики подсказали, какую воду пить полезнееWarm water has the ability have different effects on the body, and with a purely positive effect, said the attending doctors.

According to them, the habit of drinking water useful, but it needs to be warm, even in the heat.

Doctors insist that even in hot weather you should avoid eating of cold water – the water should be warm. The experts explained that it is better for the cardiovascular system: the warm water improves capillary blood circulation, protects from the effects of seizures.

In addition, the warm water helps relieve pain. “The warm water helps to ensure that our muscles throughout the body relax. Disappear muscle clamps, which block normal blood circulation,” – said the therapists.

Another advantage of drinking warm water – more intensive calorie burning. This water slightly raises the body temperature, thereby accelerating the metabolism, experts noted. Especially useful for the digestion of fats drink warm water with added lemon juice.

Also, according to researchers, warm water is an effective remedy for improving digestion and protect against constipation.

“Warm water, not cool wine is what you want to drink at dinner! Warm liquid helps the body relax and calms the nervous system. If you used to drink evening tea, immediately replace it with water. Tea contains caffeine, which stimulates and does not sleep,” advised by the doctors.

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