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Doctors suggested effective recipes for hiccups

Медики подсказали действенные рецепты от икотыCheck out – you will be surprised.

You often has hiccups? We know wonderful ways to get rid of it!

Hiccups in most cases, are completely harmless phenomenon, and it passes quickly. But she annoys us! It is believed that hiccup lasts 5 to 20 minutes and has no consequences for the organism. However, in rare cases, it so happens that it goes on continuously up to several days.

If you’re really annoying bouts of hiccups, and the usual breath does not help, try these methods. Some of them will seem strange to you, but believe me: they work!

Method 1
Sprinkle on the tongue half a tablespoon of salt and try to swallow it. Most likely, one SIP, you will not be limited. Continue to keep swallowing until you get rid of the taste of salt in my mouth.

Method 2
Pinch the nose and start to rotate the body clockwise. In this sing out loud any song, repeat it 5 times. Then revolve the other way, too, and sing a song.

Method 3
If you sit or stand – lie down, lie down for at least a couple of minutes. Then abruptly jump to my feet. If a bout of hiccups caught you in lying position, you, on the contrary, we must stand up, and then abruptly to go.

Method 4
As soon as you feel that will ignite, start to cough. Repeat this 3-4 times. Hiccups must pass. Alternatively, instead of coughing loudly you can shout.

Method 5
If you have someone who is, ask that person to he tickled. And the more you ticklish, the more effective this method. If you insensitive to tickling, ask the person that it scared you.

Method 6
Dial in your mouth water but do not swallow it. Pull the earlobes down when you do this, bend your head back. And only then swallow the water.

Method 7
Take a deep breath-exhale, then inhale deeply and stick out your tongue, while fingers in your ears. Hold your breath 30-40 seconds. If necessary, repeat.

Method 8
If you have a lemon, cut a slice and start to suck. Bright taste of lemon will give the taste buds a kind of stress – hiccups should go.

Method 9
Take into the teeth of the pencil so that it is positioned horizontally between the teeth. Then take a glass of water and otpeyte a couple of SIPS, without taking the pencil out of your mouth.

Method 10
Take a toothpick, break it into 2 parts, one part drop in a glass of water. Begin drinking this water, making sure the toothpick and trying not to swallow. The trick is that, by concentrating on something, we get rid of the hiccups.

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