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Doctors said that the heart must rest

Медики рассказали, когда сердце должно отдыхатьExperts call the time at which the main body of the body needs to rest.

To watch the “Wu-Shih” (11:00-13:00) active Meridian of the heart. This watch Yang energy reaches its peak, which can lead to the excess heart “fire”, and the easiest way to eliminate this excessive “fire” – to arrange to itself small holiday dining.

This will help to replenish energy and increase the work efficiency in the afternoon.

People with insufficiency of Yang energy have a good rest during these hours for health promotion.

Holiday dining is the prevention of heart disease.

If we restore the energy that our heart is strengthened and your cardiovascular system functioning normally.

So every day at noon to sleep for half an hour is recommended, this is very useful for energy recovery; you can lie down on the bed or on the couch, and then just lean back in my chair and take a NAP.

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