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Doctors said that in some cases, obesity can save lives

Медики рассказали, в каких случаях ожирение может спасти жизнь Despite the harm of this disease, there are a number of situations where it helps.

As we all know, obesity is incredibly dangerous for health. It is often accompanied by diabetes, provokes early aging of the brain and also increases the risk of developing heart disease.

In addition, women with excess weight often give birth biologically older children, and men obesity modifies the genetic information contained in sperm.

For, oddly enough, obesity may also have a positive effect on the human body. So, Danish scientists have shown that patients with overweight, who are in the hospital with a particular infectious disease are almost twice more likely to survive than people who are not suffering from obesity.

The team from Aarhus University, presented the results at the 25th European Congress on obesity (European Congress on Obesity), which took place in Vienna. Experts have called this phenomenon the “paradox of obesity”.

In the new work involved more than 18 thousand patients. All of them were hospitalized with various diseases in the period from 2011 to 2015, and received surgical or therapeutic services.

When patients are discharged, the team watched them for another 90 days. The participants divided into three groups – people with insufficient, normal and excessive weight.

Observations and analyses showed the following. First, in patients with insufficient weight (mean weight loss due to illness, not a permanent thinness) risk of death after the disease was 2.2 times higher compared to patients with normal weight. Secondly, people who are overweight, the chances of dying after infection or surgery were 40% lower compared to the chances of people not suffering from obesity.

Head of the research group Gribsholt Sigrid (Sigrid Gribsholt) notes that, in addition to health indicators took into account different risk factors, such as lifestyle, bad habits and chronic diseases.

The authors conclude: it is clear that overweight and obesity were associated with a significant reduction in the risk of death for at least three months after hospitalization due to infection. The reasons for this paradox have yet to find, however, scientists already have a hypothesis.

The fact that from an evolutionary point of view obesity and its associated Pro-inflammatory processes may be an effective means of protecting the body: the immune system is constantly in good shape and is able to provide the best answer.

On the other hand, sudden weight loss, apparently associated with the disease, indicates a weak immunity system and that the body is much harder to resist infection. People who drop weight while disease, should undergo additional tests that will help to identify other comorbidities, added the doctors.

The team will continue to examine the “obesity paradox” because while some researchers believe the findings are contradictory. However, in earlier studies it has been proven that patients with heart failure, and pneumonia and tuberculosis deaths among people with normal weight is much higher than among people with obesity.

By the way, previously, experts have called another unexpected advantage of excess weight: overweight people were happier thin.

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