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Doctors said one way to lower blood pressure without medication

Врачи рассказали еще один способ снизить давление без лекарствIt is also useful “cores”.

Daytime sleep is beneficial to the cardiovascular system – found by researchers from the United States of America, a scientific work which showed that the fans to sleep a day is fixed, in General, less high blood pressure.

“The views of the representatives of the medical community regarding positive and negative effects of daytime sleep traditionally differ, but our research allows us to assert with full confidence that sleep lowers blood pressure and protects the heart against the development of serious diseases,” say the members of the American College of cardiology.

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Extensive research has shown that Napping can be seen as a fairly effective means to combat high blood pressure.

“Sleep lowers blood pressure is not less effective than, say, some significant changes in lifestyle. This can be, for example, the rejection of the use of excessive amounts of salt, or a waiver of spirits”, say American doctors.

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Statistics compiled among several hundreds of patients in cardiology clinics (their average age was sixty-two years), suggests that the risk of heart attack among fans of daytime sleep lower by about ten percent.

This, according to experts, a very significant figure, that is, a NAP can really recommend to people who have problems with pressure.

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