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Doctors revealed the secret of longevity

Врачи раскрыли главный секрет долголетияSports have long-term positive effect in any period of life.

Experts from the Cleveland clinic in the US concluded that the risk of mortality can reduce the intense aerobic exercise that strengthen the cardiorespiratory system.

The clinic staff found that life expectancy depends on the condition of the cardiorespiratory system. Therefore, it is best to start aerobics today. It strengthens the respiratory and the cardiovascular system.

The researchers note that sports activities have a lasting positive effect in any period of life. It was found that patients older than 70 years with good physical training, the risk of mortality is reduced when performing intense daily exercises.

“Exercises may not be too much. The more you do them the better. It is therefore necessary to encourage patients to have achieved a high level of physical preparation,” said lead cardiologist Wael Jaber.

The lack of exercises which strengthen the cardiorespiratory system, also has a negative impact on the body as Smoking or diabetes – doctors say.

For all the time of the study had been diagnosed more than 120 thousand patients in the period from 1991 to 2014.

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