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Doctors reported a new unexpected symptom of cancer

Медики сообщили о новом неожиданном симптоме ракаThis need to know everyone.

International scientists have found a new symptom of cancer, which previously never suspected. Studies have shown that along with the development of cancer tumors in humans can cause disturbance of cognitive nature (difficulties with memory, confusion of consciousness, etc).

A scientific paper published in the journal of Neuroscience.

It is noted that such manifestations are the result of reactions of the immune system on tumors, the researchers note.

Previously it was thought that cognitive disorders in cancer patients arise from aggressive chemotherapy. However, the results of a new study showed that abnormalities in brain functions in case of oncological diseases take place before the beginning of treatment and develop together with the tumor.

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Before confirm the hypothesis, the researchers conducted an experiment involving female mice suffering from breast cancer. The test results indicate that the appearance of tumors induces the immune system to activate proteins-cytokines, which play the role of fighters from the spread of cancer in the body.

In a large number of cytokines can harm the brain, destructive acting on neural pathways.

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Specialists found that abnormalities in brain functions in mice was begun before the use of chemotherapy. Cognitive disorders can be a negative influence in the developing in the body of malignant tumors, and chemotherapy, concluded the study authors.

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