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Doctors reminded why sleeping in nature is helpful

Медики напомнили, почему спать на природе полезноResearchers from the United States came to the conclusion that sleeping outdoors can be rewarding and it can solve sleep disorders in General.

Thus, in order to benefit from sleeping outdoors was enough to spend about a week in the fresh air. Six or seven nights a person starts to sleep much better, as well as many other processes in his body are normalized and stabiliziruemost. Scientists say that a week in nature will help to restore healthy sleep.

According to the publication Current Biology, the scientists found that the city should spend at least a week to celebrate the beneficial effects on the human psyche, a way of life. After this period of time the person will say that his health stabiliziruemost.

Overall, scientists say that the rest of the city during the week in a tent on the schedule of nature will help to restore healthy sleep and a positive impact on health in General. This kind of leisure is positive not only for the body but for the mind.

The fact is that in nature man lives in the natural biological cycle. He spends enough time in the sun and goes to bed when the sun goes. According to doctors, it is important for the normal functioning of the body by increasing the impact of daylight and reduce electric lighting by night, it is possible to restore the internal clock.

To positively affect the body, scientists note that it is important not to use smartphones and lanterns. It is also possible to abandon the evening watching TV.

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