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Doctors refuted the myth about the impact of bad weather on health

Медики опровергли миф о влиянии плохой погоды на самочувствиеRefuted the connection between inclement weather and rheumatism

Researchers from Australia examined long-time health 1300 patients suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and back pain, concluded that weather has no real impact on these issues.

According to researchers, the discomfort of the rheumatics in wet weather is the result of auto-suggestion.

“The belief that pain and inclement weather are connected, there are at least since the Roman Empire, — said the Professor of the Institute for global health in Sydney Chris Maher. But our research shows that people record the events that fit into already established they have a picture of the world”.

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According to the scientist, human beings are very sensitive to external circumstances, so in those days when it’s cold and rainy, the pain is felt very clearly — and here in warm and Sunny days, causing a feeling of joy, the person is ready to forget about them.

The experiment conducted in Sydney, fully confirmed this view — with a consistent and detailed observation was that the pain in your back or legs does not depend on the temperature.

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